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General Manager of Design ART Building & Contracting, and founder of Ecobuild Iraq

We're creating a community for eco-friendly conversations on housing to happen.

Omar Al-Azzawi

Engineer & Founder of Ecobuild Iraq to make a more sustainable Iraq

Omar Al-Azzawi's career has spanned multiple countries leading the effort to build responsibly and creatively with his many different projects from Design Art Building & Contracting in Dubai to Baghdad

We can only move ahead together to make Iraq a better place.

The UAE is where I found my passion for building & development in the construction industry. From the lessons we learned over the span of two decades, we have a responsibility and opportunity to start delivering value in Iraq based on trust and the successes we've had along the way.

We learned over 20 years of delivering projects. These lessons were learned by us and others through an effort to learn the best practices to building a healthy ecosystem which Dubai has delivered through patience and consistency. We believe we can create a similar or better in Iraq.

Through ecobuild we have brought together our friends and partners serving the Iraqi construction community and the Iraqi society to have a gathering where we can openly share our aspirations, successes, and leessons learned.

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