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Altaey is a true artist, with every sense of the word, starting with his paintings and drawings, his critical writings up to his valuable touches to Baghdad's streets and buildings.

Art is a tool of emotion, and engineering is a tool of rationality, and they both shape architecture's methods of creation

Mowaffaq Jawad Altaey

Ab quia qui dolores et eaque quae est aspernatur.

Altaey studied architecture at London Metropolitan University (North London University back then), and he specialized in interior design and became a member of the British Institute of Design. He then topped off his knowledge with experience by working for a few architectural offices in London for 7 years.

Architect Muwafaq's most significant accomplishments:

  • Founder member of the Iraqi Artist Society in 1959
  • Worked as a designer at Thomas Sanders Architects from 1972 to 1973
  • Worked as a lecturer at Baghdad University from 1973 to 1980
  • One of the designers of Um Almarak mosque and the Great State mosque
  • One of the designers of developing the new Karbala
  • Developing Baghdad's historical market in 1980
  • Worked on designing Baghdad's island with the Finnish consultants from 1980 to 1986
  • Worked on the marches of Iraq from 1980 to 1989, in addition, designed and executed the rural villages
  • He was one of the consultant team that put a master plan for Baghdad with the Japanese from 1984 to 1986
  • Senior architect and head of specification and Quality control Department at Alimar Alhandasy architectural office from 1989 to 2006
  • Designed Alsedeye mall and a few hotels in 2005
  • Leading consultant to the State Housing Organization from 2005 until now
  • Designing Abu- Sida Village in 2006
  • Consultant to the New Central Bank project
  • Winner of the second prize in the symposium of Arabic cities development in Cairo in 2006
  • Habitat consultant for refugee housing in 2006
  • Consultant for the general institution of habitat from 2006 to 2007
  • Consultant for refugee housing from 2008 to 2009
  • Consultant to Baghdad's mayor from 2011 to 2014
  • Manager of the studies department in the genera institution of habitat

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