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Memaar معمار & Nippon نيبون

Memaar Nippon

Our vision is to carry on our legacy to lead the Architectural and Construction services in Iraq through Commissioning new building framework that improves the building environment and makes it a better place for Iraqis.
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We had worked with Memaar on multiple projects and couldn't have hoped for a more outstanding team and project.

Memaar Nippon

Working Together

Our seamless communication, budgeting services, staffing, on-site organization, reliable, trustworthy, and quality handiwork completes our end-to-end client experience offer.

In line with the international and national practice, we can provide total design stages of building construction. Our specialist professionals skilled all project design documents and supervision on implementation.

Our Services

We go above and beyond expectations on each project and deliver on our promises with integrity


Our specialized engineering consultants develop creative and technical solutions for project design

Design and Master Planning

From remodeling to creating the interior design to landscaping, we do it all

Material Planning

To achieve customer support and satisfaction, we focus on using quality products and materials for building up a design

Project Planning

Our cost planners advise the client on how much project cost will be

Construction Management

Construction is the framework of our business - it is our state of the art

Project Management

We apply the best practices in project management methodology


We provide various types of contracting work

Real Estate & Development Management

Developing a complete real estate solutions and delivering iconic luxurious properties

Arch. Mowaffaq Jawad Altaey

“Art is a tool of emotion, and engineering is a tool of rationality, and they both shape architecture's methods of creation”

We are a hyper-engaging, forward-looking, and enthusiastic collective team of architects, designers, engineers, technicians, and planners based in Iraq. Our sub-specialty in building construction and civil work constructions. We specialize in civil work constructions, building construction, and in integrating & conceiving high-caliber projects harmoniously into a best- constructed experience.

With our vast capability, we create a new ambitious building and construction process from project appraisal to design fulfillment, project management, and post-construction in a total unity between the design and implementation. Our long-term experience and present know-how, enthusiasm, and quest draw our path to achieve modern built-up environments.

We provide professional client-focused construction solutions. We go above and beyond expectations on each project and deliver on our promises with integrity. Our joyful workplace is the fully occupied job site where the word "never" is not an option. We plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs too.

With international and well-known prestige and reputation, we ensure the sound design and a flexible construction approach.

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